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Peter Wragg17 Oct 2023 - 09:01
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Why do they do it?

The umpire. Why do they do it?
The umpire is a vital part of any game. They do it because they enjoy/love the game. They may find they can progress higher up the ladder umpiring than playing. They may have an injury that prevents them from playing to a high standard. They may be in the twilight of their hockey career and want to give something back to the game that has given them so much.
They may be just starting out on their umpiring pathway and be a little nervous.
They volunteer to umpire.
They want to get every decision right.
They want to see every infringement and make the right decision.
They want to do it for the good of the game.
So whilst passions can run high in a game, umpires can sometimes make mistakes, just as players do.
Many of the rules are open to interpretation and the umpire has a split second to make the call.
So go easy on umpires.
They are there for the good of the game.
No umpires. No game.
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